Venus Retrograde in Gemini and COVID-19

In this unprecedented time of the pandemic created by the novel corona virus dubbed COVID-19, we are experiencing the trauma and fear of this new virus, social isolation, a broken economy, massive unemployment, and a multitude of confusing information.

How do we use the wisdom of Venus retrograde in Gemini to more successfully navigate these uncertain times?

Venus retrograde asks us to look at our values and what we truly desire. If our outer world is looking good, then we assume our values are in Venus is most famous for relationships, but it also says something about our values and what we desire. As our desires tend to be based on what we value, hopefully our values are in a place that aligns with our highest self, serves our highest purpose, and informs our choices in a way that benefits us individually and collectively.

On an individual level, we are thinking in terms of our relationship to ourselves. We have basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and an income that preferably comes from some kind of meaningful work. On a global level, we are mindful of our relationships to each other, in our partnerships, families, our communities, and the world as a whole.

Any retrograde is an invitation to make what was previously unconscious conscious. When Venus goes retrograde, we are likely finding ourselves reflecting on our values and desires and whether or not they are actually in alignment with our higher selves. The current Venus retrograde happens to be in the sign of Gemini. What are we being asked to become aware of in terms of our mental patterns, communication, duality, information vs. disinformation, polarized patterns of thinking? A look at the quality of our relationships can give us a clue.

How do your values inform the choices you ultimately make?

On a personal level, in relationship to ourselves, we may be feeling torn between our own desire to go out and our worries about whether or not it is safe to do so. Most of us have been under stay at home orders for several weeks and we’re feeling a little pent up and worn down at the same time. As the economy reopens, we’re longing to get out and socialize but we’re also wary about whether or not it is safe or even responsible to do so.

How are our values allowing us to be in right relationship with those we love?

For many, the stay at home orders have given family members the time they never had before in their busy daily routines to reconnect and spend quality with one another. On the other hand, relationships that were already strained, even before the pandemic, may now be facing the issues that had been previously ignored or avoided as families and couples are forced into sustained periods of proximity with each other and no means of escape, in the form of work or school. Am I being authentic in my communication? Am I communicating with integrity? Do I even know my authentic self well enough to know if I am being in integrity with my communication? Hmm…

How do we feel about our individual rights versus our social obligations?

Some shoppers are speaking out on their right to shop without a mask if they so choose. Others willingly wear them so as not to unintentionally infect others or put them at risk. The more vulnerable population feels at risk when others are not observing social distancing. Do they speak out, or do they walk away in silence and judgement?

How do we understand our need to earn a living versus our desire to avoid illness?

Economies need to reopen so that businesses can survive and employees can earn a living. At the same time, people need to be protected from the increased risk of exposure to the virus an open economy creates. What protections do I expect from my employer? What protections do I need to take for myself?

All of these questions arise within a framework of our Venusian theme of relationships, to others as well as to ourselves. Venus retrograde in Gemini will find us taking another look at how we are processing the enormous amount of information/dis-information, assimilating what is useful and discarding what is not. We have already been exploring novel ways of socializing, working, schooling, and going about our daily activities.

What are the values we hold, how did we come to hold those values in the first place, and how are they informing our conceptualization of the evolving situations we now find ourselves in so that we may make choices that are in the best interest of all involved? If we are willing to do the internal work of tuning in with ourselves and going into the depths of our unconscious so that we may become more aware of what truly motivates our desires and underlies our values, we will give ourselves the gift of making choices that allow all to thrive and survive in an uncertain world. I would even venture to say that it is imperative that we do our inner work and explore our shadows. It is essential that we be in alignment with our highest selves and maintain our integrity so that we can make the changes that need to be made in order to rebuild stronger and more sustainable communities, local and global. Our lives and our planet depend on it.

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