October Tricks and Treats Mars and Mercury Retrogrades

It will be interesting to say the least to see how the American presidential election goes next month. Astrologically speaking, we are at the very end of the Piscean age, most notably marked by patriarchy, and heading into a new epoch, a new 2000-year cycle. You’ve probably heard of it, the age of Aquarius. (: In December, just around the winter solstice, Saturn and Jupiter, representing the old guard and the new guard, both move into Aquarius. Although no respectable astrologer dares predict what that looks like specifically, archetypally it is an age marked by cooperation, communication, innovation, revolution, technology. etc. I think we can begin to imagine what that could look like given the advent of the computer, the Internet, the “sharing economy”, and even cryptocurrency in the last few decades. Of course, there is a shadow side to all archetypes. So, it is up to the people, us humans, and the choices we make. Depending on those choices, we will either be on an enlightened path, or heading down a darker road. In many ways, I feel Coronavirus has given us a preview of what each of those paths look like. The collective choices we make now, will determine which path we end up on. That’s why it feels like so much is riding on this election.

2020 has been a year like no other. Our happy little routines have been shaken to the core, forcing us to readjust our basic thought structures around all that we have taken for granted in our lives. How have events shown up for you personally? What is that you are confronting?

At the time of this writing, there are two major retrograde events happening at the same time. First, we have Mars retrograde in Aries, and second, we have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Depending on where these planets fall in your chart, you will be experiencing these energies in a particular area of your life, ie. relationships, career, etc. But, in general terms, these planets are speaking to the questions of…

  • Where or how are we misapplying our energy and our will in a way that isn’t really working for us?
  • Where do we need to redirect that energy, so it serves our higher purpose?
  • What are the toxic thoughts that keep us from holism, the understanding that we are more than just our ego identification and the stories we’ve developed around it?
  • What are the affirming thoughts we need to embrace in order to remain true to ourselves and the larger community in which we live?
  • What thoughts do we need to release so that we don’t fall into the darker realms of hate and revenge?

Implicit in any retrograde is shadow work since these cycles ask us to stop and do a little reflection. If you find you are experiencing the “Trickster”, very cliché but things such as communication failures, computer glitches, lost keys, etc., or more seriously, things just not going right, this is simply the Universe’s way of trying to get your attention. It is asking you to stop and take a look at something that is out of balance.

My suggestion is to “treat” yourself to a little self-nurturing. Take time for yourself to reflect on what’s not working, what needs cleaning up, or what needs to be thrown away for good. You will save yourself from going around in circles, sleepless nights staring into the dark with worry, and the emotional eruptions that seem to come out of nowhere. Once we understand where our Mercury mind is, we will understand why our Mars will is or is not working for us.

In a larger context, we can ask where the collective mind is and how is it applying its will? Even more importantly, how does the collective mind need to heal so that the collective will can work in a way that benefits the whole of humanity and the world we live in? With so much at stake in the world today, we all need to do our own inner work, not only for the sake of our individual happiness and sanity, but also as a contribution to the health of the collective whole. Wouldn’t you agree?

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