Shadow Work is the Path of

The Heart Warrior

– C.G. Jung

Empower Yourself With

Shadow Alchemy

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.”

– Deepak Chopra

Have you ever wanted to…

…lose 20 pounds?

…find a partner who deserves you?

…start a new business?

“Tammy brings a remarkable depth, compassion, and intuition to this work. Her presence as the guiding voice enabled me to dig deeper than I thought possible, and to accomplish concrete goals which previously had been insubstantial fantasies. The lasting consequences of her coaching still bring blessings into my daily life.”

Nikki P.

Philadelphia, PA

You tried and tried. You made a commitment to yourself not once, but twice, maybe even three times to start that diet but barely moved the dial on the scale. You met this one, dated that one, loved this other one and still didn’t find the partner who honored and loved you the way you want and deserve. You set up that website, called every lead you could get your hands on, and offered your services at an extreme discount but the business still hasn’t taken off. What prevented you from achieving those things?

Enter the shadow…

The answer, for most of us, comes down to the parts of ourselves we haven’t acknowledged and the limiting beliefs we created around those unacknowledged parts. There are things about ourselves we never want to think about, never want to acknowledge, and never ever want anyone else to know about. We’ve hidden those things so well that we ourselves don’t even remember we have them. Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist, called these things the “shadow.”

The work

In integrative shadow work we learn to identify, acknowledge, and embrace these shadows, because even though we see them as undesirable parts of ourselves, they actually hold the keys to our success. There is “gold in the dark,” as C. Jung once said. You will discover the “light” in your shadows. You will learn how to create empowering beliefs to replace the ones that were limiting.
You will learn to recognize when you have set yourself up for self-sabotage by making commitments that speak to your lower self rather than making commitments that are in alignment with your higher self.

Enter your inner wisdom

Intuitively, we tap into our inner wisdom, which is not centered in the mind, but rather in the heart. We think with our brains. We feel with our heart. Our limiting beliefs are created in the mind, and those beliefs translate to feelings of unlovable, unworthy, and inadequacy. Transforming those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, translates to peace, joy, and love in our hearts. The heart is what we must be true to if we want to be happy.

The transformation

With each shadow embraced, limiting belief transformed, and commitment upheld you will feel your wholeness being restored. With more of you on your side, you will have so many more resources available to you in becoming the fullest expression of yourself. The happiness, joy, and peace you’ve been longing for arises organically from that state of being where you are fully knowing and accepting all of who you are.

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